Eevee lighting leak and some other problems, help needed!

This is my frist time trying eevee. i had some problems and did not know the reason causing it.
here is the in eevee. .

my HDRI environment map should had strong sunny day with lighting hitting on the countertop. but in eevee, it feels like a overcasting.
this is made with bake lighting in THREEJS.

besides, here are got some weird light leaking on the ceiling.

so following are my questions .

  1. How can i get the lighting from the HDRI
  2. how to make proper reflection in the scene.
  3. what are those dark leaking in the corner of the cabinets?(i tried adjusting AO value, but its still there)
  4. how to get rid of those lighting leak from ceiling?
  5. I also noticed that the window reflection on the cabinets are black rather than reflecting the sky. any ideas?

So… anyone???