Eevee Motion Blur

I was tryin Eevee Motion Blur and noticed that not all objects are getting blurred. As you can see in the picture, the shoes get blurred while the legs stay sharp. I just cant get the character mesh to work with motion blur. Is there some kind of hidden ‘motion blur off’ toggle for objects, or is this a bug?


Hello! Maybe is just a matter of adding more steps in the motion blur panel in EEVEE’s render properties.
Cycles has a panel for a per-object custom steps in the object properties, but not EEVEE.

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Thanks for the reply. Thats what i thought too but then again, the shutter is on 1.0 already and besides the shoes get blurred correctly.

Just tried Eevee Motion Blur in the latest 2.91 alpha, but I couldn’t get it to work at all. Should you see motion blur in the viewport when you’ve set it to rendered and activated Motion Blur in the render settings?

EEVEE motion blur is only active during full renders (F12).
I haven’t tried 2.91 yet but I assume it’s still working with a full render.

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In my simple setup I also couldn’t see it there, but I’ll do another test, thanks.

Ah, yes, got it working, thanks again. Don’t know what went wrong last time. :blush:

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No prob. Glad to see it working.

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