EEVEE Next not rendering on M1 iMac

Feel free to move this topic elsewhere, as I could not seem to find a suitable location for it.

Anyway, the problem is not with Blender or UPBGE itself, but rather with EEVEE Next, which promises a lot of improvements like GPU displace, and many other things. Since I use an M1 iMac, it should support the new render engine. But when I click it, it just shows only the object outline (orange), nothing but grey in the viewport (I guess it’s not drawing?), and a little error message in the top left of the viewport.

Wouldn’t this issue eventually get fixed in the upcoming 0.36 release build? I wonder if EEVEE Next isn’t yet optimised for Metal, which is why it does not draw anything. The current EEVEE is very heavy on UPBGE’s player, but not on rendering due to the fact that EEVEE was originally designed for rendering purposes. Does EEVEE Next aim to balance out performance/rendering or in the case of UPBGE, be optimised for the game engine player / blenderplayer? This makes me a little curious.

Oh, might I add that using Principled BDSF can slow UPBGE down tremendously. This might be offset by EEVEE Next.

Apparently, someone else was using an Intel Mac, and this EEVEE Next not drawing issue happened as well. So it’s definitely not new, and not a bug, or else the current EEVEE would not be drawing at all.

While I do not develop apps or anything like that, I just want to ask, why is EEVEE Next not drawing anything onscreen despite me having an M1 iMac? The current EEVEE works fine.