Eevee not rendering texture in Blender 2.81

I am working on a shockwave. I created an object which acts as an emitter. I have added a particle systems, did my initial particle settings, changed the halo to object and linked it to a sphere. I added an emission shader to that sphere and gave it a strength of 5. That renders as it should. Now, I have added a few modifiers and I want to have clouds wisp instead of spheres. So I added a texture, changed it to clouds, made sure color was enabled and further changed the settings to Voronoi-F4. Now, when I render in eevee 2.81, I am only getting the spheres and not the clouds. What am I doing wrong? I assume I am assigning the clouds to the wrong component. Presently I have it assigned to the particle settings. Thanks alot.


Did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to do something similar from your description


Nope, never did. I used a different method altogether.

I remember the particle info node being non-functional in Eevee, it could still be the case ?