Eevee Object Motion Blur

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Hi All
I have a small project that could really use Eevee and so I might take the risk and use the Alpha build for it. One thing I have noticed though is the motion blur doesn’t seem to work with object motion, it only works with camera motion. Is this right? If I am right does anyone know when this feature might be added? Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

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(SterlingRoth) #2

You are correct, object motion blur is not supported. I believe it is on the roadmap somewhere, but not any time soon.

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Ok thanks for the reply, really appreciate it :slight_smile:


(Carel de Winter) #4

I am also interested in this, I am finding that this is my biggest issue with eevee, as in order to use it for animation, I am having to do all sorts of hacks, none of which are entirely satisfactory. I have not seen any mention of it in the development documentation, so some idea of when it might be implemented would be helpful. As an animator, this is not an insignificant detail.

If full motion blur is not possible, then a vector pass, which would enable the use of the vector blur node in the compositor would help a lot.

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(Dito) #5

I feel the same way.
I’m also waiting eagerly for object motion blur.

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(Cris) #6

Gotta keep using cycles while we wait


(sozap) #7

it should be possible to use cycles to render a vector pass and use that to blur eevee render with vector blur.
It’s far from perfect but that’s should be still faster to render image than using cycles only.


(ArrowheadVenom) #8

I’d like to add myself to the list of people eagerly awaiting object motion blur in EEVEE. I’ve tried the hack of using Cycles to make a vector pass, but it’s not pretty, and it’s very tedious. But here’s a demo of it that I made.

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(sozap) #9

it looks quite good (at least in youtube) , and of course using cycles is tedious and cumbersome, at least it’s better than nothing to be able to do it rather than no options at all… I guess Clement’s todo list is quite huge and we may need to wait at least 6 mouth before there is a chance to get something other than bugfix or little improvements.


(Carel de Winter) #10

I saw the video and that looks good enough to give it a go, thanks for putti
ng up the instructions with the video


(felipetorrents) #11

If after effects is an option for post production, the Pixel motion blur effect (maybe cc 2018 or later) saved me many times for faking object motion blur. It’s not for every use case and is fairly heavy to compute, but is worth a try.