EEVEE PANARAMA! Python programmer wanted to make this an addon


So - I’ve worked out a way of creating seamless panaramas in Eevee…

There’s a method floating around the web that uses a cubemap - this is OK, but the colours of the cube faces don’t quite match up…

As you can see, my method fixes that.

I’m looking for a python coder who can take this method and put together an addon that sets up all the scenes and cameras automatically. We can then sell the addon on BlenderMarket and share the revenue.

You will need to know how to:

  • Append Collections into a scene
  • Create Scenes
  • Link the resolutions and start and end points of 2 scenes within 1 file
  • Set video textures in Cycles
  • Copy render output settings (jpg, png, mp4, etc) between scenes

PM me if you’re interested.

Note - the scene in the examp[les ins based on Space Hallway:



i can surely help, lets talk more on this on skype - live:charles_10661 you can also reach me on [email protected]
charles L

When this is done, I want to buy it.

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Cool… could you pass this on to any python coders you know?

How more complex your (?) method is over the cubemap one ?

Not a whole lot… It’s basically a cubemap that blends the sides together. But it would really benefit from being an addon so you can with one click render all the cubefaces, swap scene, and then load in the new cubemap images and render as a equarectangular panorama.

Not getting as much response as I was helping - would people be more inclined to make a free addon? I am happy for the addon for this to be free - so long as I get credit, and I get to make the video that promotes it.

I’ll check if I can properly do the cubemap version on my side then I suppose it would be more easily changed to your (?) method.

The reason I think this would be better as an addon rather than just a .blend file is that it’s clunky.

For example, right now if I want to go from 4k to 8k I would have to adjust 16 different values on 3 different scenes. Plus it uses the VSE so I can render 6 different cameras at once, and the VSE doesn’t handle HDRI - you can’t have brighter than white on the VSE (unless this has changed for 2.8), and you still have to render one scene and THEN another scene.

A lot of this COULD be automated in an addon. We can still have things like - the addon could copy a scene from a .blend in the addon’s directory to the scene you’re working on, and there could be a button that renders this, then this, then this, then this, then this, then this, then sets all these image textures, then renders this.

I have already did an script in python, do this and is work perfectly with one camera like cycle, i could change it to be an addon, but can we look about that?

Sounds interesting. Could I see the script? What does it do exactly?

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