Eevee Presets / Cycles Presets

Just a simple add-on to save the 60 Eevee settings in presets.

I was annoyed to setup Eevee over again. So I made this tiny add-on.

Equivalent for Cycles (Does not save render settings - only Cycles settings!):

Both add-ons do save Film > Transparent. (transparent is internally part of the render settings)

None of the add-ons comes with presets. It just saves/loads your settings.


Does saving over the Default Scene not already solve this issue for you?

I guess this add-on allows to switch between many presets, as many as the user may need, which is hardly just one

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It’s not for saving the Eevee setting within one blend file. You can save and load your Eevee settings in and from your blender config folder (/2.80/scripts/presets/eevee_presets) as simple text files. This way you can reuse your settings easily without clicking through up to 60 options with every new blend file over and over again.

In short:



also to mention , saving as startup file is risky right now as 2.8 is still in beta , i encounter bug where some important tools doesnt function anymore

one example is image > reference background
even i load the image its pure white and blank

and to be able to fix i need to restore factory default settings
where i lose all settings

@DanielEngler thanks for this addon

This is a very true point. I’ve lost plenty of custom shortcuts and such! XD

Thanks to all for the clarification!

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i also like to request if you can add cycles presets


Columbus’s egg! That would turn the add-on in ‘Render presets’. All my 4 thumbs up!

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I needed this so much ! Thanks a lot !

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I was thinking the same right after uploading the add-on, but was to lazy.
So, I did it, now.

I suggest not to use it. Because the cycles and render settings are mangled. The add-on only saves cycles settings. Some settings are saved others not. For example: Film > Transparent is a render setting, but the two settings in there are cycles settings. This makes it unnecessary confusing.
As mentioned:

I do gree with.
Some of the render settings are for good reasons sorted out to the output tab. I’ll figure out what is where before I’ll make tree add-ons: Eevee Presets (done), Cycles Render Presets, and Output Presets.

Me too.
I’m surprised, no one did this before. Or did I miss it? It took me less than half an hour to make it.


Blender has too many presets (dimensions sampling lighpaths) yet none takes care of stuff like postprocessing, performance, denoise, simplify…

Eevee Presets
update 0.0.2

  • added Film > Transparent
  • only shows, if renderer is Eevee
  • theme fit 2.80

Cycles Presets
update 0.0.2

  • added Film > Transparent
  • only shows, if renderer is Cycles
  • theme fit 2.80
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thanks for this update
here’s a bug i encounter
when eevee is active , cycles presets still shows

Looks like Cycles Presets is in old version.
Open Edit > Preferences and search in Add-ons for Cycles Presets. It should be in version 0.0.2. Just remove and install new version from github.

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i just notice the icon was changed in 0.2
you were right , thats a bad call for me , its now fix

thank you again for this addon its a huge time saver

Hi, I’m wondering, if it be possible to:

  1. Add an option for disabling all normal maps
  2. Add an option to tweak/save settings found under viewport >> Textures (Limit size, Anysotropic filtering…)

One of the computers I work with has a GT-555M card and using many normal maps slows down the viewport drastically.

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This is not the purpose of the add-on. It’s for Eevee settings only (with the one exception).

There is no option to disable normal maps in the Eevee settings or just the material preview.
“Disable Normal Maps” (or something like that) is a potential option for the material preview/look dev mode. This could also be under Properties > Render > Simplify, too. You can make a proposal in

Here is a little workaround hack script, that might be useful for you. But be careful! It changes ALL materials and just toggles normal map nodes like Bump, Normal Map, etc. on or off!

Toggles mute of all normal map nodes in all materials.

Use with caution! This alters ALL materials!

import bpy


for mat in
    for node in mat.node_tree.nodes:
        if node.type in NORMAL_MAP_NODES:
            node.mute = not node.mute

Do you mean under Properties > Textures (Mapping > Crop, Sampling > Filter Type)?

Yeah, you’re right, they’re probably more suited to be added there, so I’ll make a proposal.

No, I literally mean the options under the settings/preferences (wathever is called) I’m not sure what you’re referring to (Node editor?). This is what I mean


It’s interesting how something like that isn’t over a more visible place, along with eevee’s settings, my guess is that is not tied to any render engine since it might affect workbench as well so that’s why.

Preferences. That’s what you meant! :grin:

I assume these settings don’t affect any renderer - just the quality in the viewport.


When i try to save EEVEE preset i have this error:

Writing Preset: 'C:\\Users\\radi0n\\AppData\\Roaming\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\2.81\\scripts\\presets\\eevee_presets\\'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Blender2.81\2.81\scripts\startup\bl_operators\", line 168, in execute
    value = eval(rna_path)
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
AttributeError: 'SceneEEVEE' object has no attribute 'shadow_method'

i use latest blender 2.81 build (blender-2.81-4ce3fbd52ae8-windows64) and eevee preset 0.0.2.

Cycles presets works ok.