Eevee Presets / Cycles Presets

Thanks for reporting! I hadn’t tested 2.81.
I wrote a quick workaround to make it work in 2.81 alpha.

update 0.0.3:

  • quick workaround for blender 2.81 alpha for removed settings
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Works with no problems! Thanks for quick update!

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The add-ons sound useful. What’s not clear to me is: do the add-ons come with presets for Eevee and Cycles, or do they purely serve to store your own settings?

The latter. It comes with no presets and it just saves/loads your settings.

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Eevee-Presets update 0.0.4:

  • update to blender 2.82

Removed “bpy.context.scene.eevee.shadow_method” and “bpy.context.scene.eevee.use_sss_separate_albedo” from the settings to save to make it work with Blender 2.82.

Cycles-Presets update 0.0.3:

  • update to blender 2.82

Big thanks for this add-on, gonna use it heavily. Do you have donations set up anywhere?

this addon is great. are you considering updating it for 2.90/2.91?


Are there changes in Eevee? I didn’t keep track of the current updates.
If an update is necessary, I’ll update.

I updated Eevee Presets to work with Blender 2.83 and 2.9+.

Your saved presets might not be interchangeable between Blender 2.83 and 2.90 or future versions!

The add-on now detects all Eevee settings and saves it. But if a setting is removed in a future Blender version, presets are broken and can only be fixed by hand (remove the lines in the preset file).

Update for Cycles Presets comes later.

Cycles Presets is updated, too.

Both add-ons got a new (the first and only) option: Save Film Transparent.