EEVEE Production Suite

Big news again: Modular Assets to block your scene in no time.
Right in EEVEE Production suite.


Small but very handy updates: Make Local, Make Single. Here, check this out:

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Not everyone believes that you can render an animation in Blender 5 seconds per frame. Noise-free. This video shows that it is possible and also why some are not using it.

There are a few more speedups next to the render speed up, like working with modular assets. You can link these modular assets in a way that you can model and replace multiple assets at once.

This video also shows the benefit of procedural materials, what is wrong with the compositor and how we fix that.

0:00 - Intro 0:05 - Why speed matters 0:38 - Costs EEVEE vs. Cycles 4:21 - Why many Blender users don’t use EEVEE 6:00 - Example of a workflow in EPS 6:45 - Another awesome way of modeling 8:10 - Overview of the EPS 11:38 - Global Shader 11:47 - Benefits of procedural textures 12:13 - User Galery 12:20 - EPS Rating 12:36 - EPS Update frequency 12:50 - Tip: using an array- and curve-modifier 13:15 - Tip: using KIT OPS, Decal Machine and Curve Basher in EPS