Eevee raytracing

Guys, we NEED raytracing in EEVEE, like, totally.
Now Vulkan is out with raytracing too and unreal has it since last year.
With that EEVEE would totally challenge the speed of any renderer in the world and we would render Cycles-like in a fraction.

Any news ?

If that calculation would be also cuda/opencl (even slower) instead of optix only, i would jump of happiness.


In the yesterday stream, they stated that a lot of computers still relies on older hardware that are not compatible with Vulkan and so they can’t drop OpenGL for now.
So i don’t remember if they said what will follow, but when they’ll add Vulkan support, it will be in parallel with OpenGL.
But it will surely arrive at some time.

And thats why, if the ray calculation could be on CUDA/OCL, i would be so happy, cause you could use so many older hardware.

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Yeah !
But to be honest, despite beeing a nice feature, this is not the one i’m most looking forward :stuck_out_tongue:
Still waiting for boolean fix, asset manager and everything node ^^

I think you are looking for something called cycles sir

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Well, thats the point why, you want the speed of unreal-like raytracing in blender. That is not cycles. That is the whole idea of EEVEE.

No the whole idea of eevee is to be a raster engine for the viewport

If it would be for the viewport, you couldnt render for animations and still, and export it. LOL
EEVEE is a realtime capable renderengine, and as such any rt raytracing improvement is welcome. Look at unreal studio.

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Guess you never heard of playblasts? its the process of rendering your raster viewport to show clients your progress or share your work with others for criticism

Eevee is a new physically based realtime renderer. It works both as a renderer for final frames, and as the engine driving Blender’s realtime viewport for creating assets.

– official blender wiki

ps: i feed no trolls

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You are doing a pretty job feeding me so far, eevee already takes quite a while to render production scenes as is, im talking up to minutes. If basic rasterization techniques used in games takes eevee up to minutes to render then adding ray tracing to it will make it even slower. I can already render quite a few of my shots in cycles faster than eevee.

once you add ray tracing you are just slowly going to try to mimic cycles which is already doing a good job with full path tracing. I honestly dont see adding ray tracing to eevee as a priority. Maybe just for reflections and refractions because screen space methods are absolutely garbage, I think you are looking at it backwards. Making cycles faster should be the priority not making eevee more complex

even if you have to wait longer, the resulting images are still FAR faster and perfectly clean compared to lets say 1024 samples, or tradeoffs at denoising. And denoising is no solution for rendertimes, its only to give a last touch to them, after lets say 256/512samples. Having clean raster plus raytracing is the real deal for speed. Already EEVEE is used by a ton of artists for final work. RT would be the crown for realism.

Look at this!

Try to do this in cycles, good luck. LOL
Dont get me wrong Cycles is a great engine. It has its place.


Yeah, but there is a problem UE4 real-time raytracing is dx 12 based. Vulkan raytracing api literally just came out 1-2 days ago. Not sure how you expect eevee to jump from opengl to vulkan and with ray tracing support in 2 days.

The scene in that video is riddled with denoising artifacts.

Well, i dont see a problem there, cycles also uses RTX for ex, so why not EEVEE, its the same API calls.

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yeah but only in the preview stage

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Cycles could easily do that guess you never used cycles huh

record a video and post it if you believe that, it hast to be as noise free and fast. be my guest, show it to me :smiley:

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Man I really hate to do this to ya


now, RENDER!

dude, cmon, you know what i mean. you cant render with animation at low samples. neither AI denoise nor low cycles sample will help you here.
For stills cycles is great, and renderfarm scale.
This is where realtime rt comes in.

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