EEVEE reflection plane (white outline on objects)?

Hello all,
I am working on an animation project and trying to render with EEVEE.
Almost I got Irradiance Volumes and Cubemaps done correctly. But when I add reflection plane on the floor to achieve good reflection on various camera angles, white lines appears on the foreground objects and it makes the image cartoonish. You may see that on the stairs.
I hope you know how to fix this.

Personally I have not had that problem. Could you share a .blend file where you get the problem, to see if others can reproduce the problem?

Thank you for your answer.
Here you can have a look at it.
It can be seen when an object get in front of the reflection plane, such as stairs in this case.
According to my experience, removing reflection cubemaps reduces white lines.
What is the proper way to use both reflection planes and cubemaps together?

Yes, I can see the excessive reflection in “stairs cage” material. Increasing Roughness in material (and maybe a little darker color) can minimize the problem, but I don’t know if it’s how you want it to look.
Render tab > Screen Space reflections > Max Roughness also influences the behavior.

Anyway, if you think the above does not solve the problem, you could report this by sharing the scene with developers so they can tell you whether or not this is expected behavior.

Yes, it does help. But you have to make it really rough.
Actually it appears on every object no matter how rough they are. You can see it on beige staircase and wooden railings.
I might report it if I cannot find a solution.

Eevee is still like a game engine renderer. Some hacks are needed. I did this and it looks at least a bit better:

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reducing Spectacular value may help too with excessive highlights.
Also, you might want to check my two last posts in the work in progress area, where I study how to fake a Cycles render with Eevee. I don’t dare to post a link since the moderator forbade me posting any links in my replies.

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Thank you, I am going to try it.
You have to tweak a lot in eevee, I don’t know if eevee is better than cycles in terms of “time efficiency” :slight_smile:

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There is an expert on youtube that has the best tips and tricks. I’ll find it. He kinda invented the interior render workflow in blender if you ask me.

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I played with it for one of my other Eevee vs Cycles post and this is what i figured out. White nasty highlights in Eevee depend a lot on what kind of environment texture you use. My guess is the higher the texture’s contrast, the nastier. Like large very dark areas and large very light areas. Check out the screenshots below and pay attention to the environment being used (everything else stays the same):

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Another issue I have encountered on eevee is high resolution rendering.
I am using Radeon VII with 16 GB vram, and I monitor vram usage while rendering. It’s using up to half vram. However I am getting this kind of annoying rectangular glitches. I even tested it on my old laptop and it did it.
However, when I lower the resolution from 4K to 1080P, that’s fine.
Is it possible that I am having a hardware problem??

This is what I get with nvidia GTX 960 by opening the scene that you have uploaded above in Blender 2.81a and selecting 4K DCI 2160p:

Blender itself uses 2.8GB of vRAM while rendering.

Same problem on my R9 390X 8GB if I use depth of field. If I turn it off then I have no glitches. But only if I render 8K. It seems strange that you have it at 4k?

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Thank you for your test.
Oh, is it because of the vram do you think? And yes, when I turn depth of field off, glitches does not appear. Can depth of field do that, while all other settings are the same?
Besides, I am having a kind of bug about gpu vram usage monitoring in AMD software after 6 days of animation rendering. After using vram in Blender, it doesn’t go back to lower level, almost stays same and it looks that amount of vram is still in use according to AMD software.
I am not sure what is going on. I hope this is not a hardware but a software problem.

Thing is I’ve accepted that AMD is a second rate graphics card for blender and just adapt for the poor support. Never buying amd gpu because of the lack of support for workstation stuff. Great for games.

It looks good on the paper. But, most probably I am going to switch to nvidia rtx on the next generation.

Those render artifacts are reportable in bug tracker. Be sure to share with developers the .blend file where the problem can be reproduced and indicate the steps to reproduce the problem.

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It seems I have the same artifacts at 4K on your scene. I’m making a quick rendered video. Maybe we could add that to the bug tracker.

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So annoying :slight_smile: Can you create a post at

I added my post there. I hope they can fix it. Creating dof with z-buffer works in the compositor.