Eevee reflections with invisible objects

I just wanted to ask if there’s any way to make visible the reflections of an object that will be totally transparent to the camera. In other words. I just want the reflections of that object on other metal objects

Thank you

Hmm, not that I can see directly.

If you use a cubemap probe, you could bake that, then hide your invisible objects. The baked reflections would linger, even after the objects themselves are hidden.This wouldn’t really work for animation though.

Thank you SterlingRoth for the answer

hmm I tried that cubemap. For some reason the reflections don’t stay when I remove the object.
I am not sure what am I doing wrong

Thank you very much Darius.

I am not looking for shadows… My problem is whit the reflections. Imagine that wall in the back is a mirror and then I just want the reflection of the monkey in the mirror but not the monkey itself.

You can also use is camera ray trick as a mix factor for a transparent shader and yours.

I actually use this for my next shader release to show the title only in the mirror.

ps: sorry peek is buggy on my linux mint

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Nice one skuax. Thank you very much! It works! I am not sure if it could work in a curved plane but I will try it!


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hi I hope you are still there @skuax :slight_smile: , I set up my materials exactly just like you said but my object became totally invisible. I also researched and find the same method as you mention but for whatever reason it’s not working for me. Do you have any suggestions, am I missing something?
my result:
original material:

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Lucky you are, i was not there till a long time.
Investigating… perhaps there is something to do with your eevee setup or material transparency setup.
Could be easier with your example blend file…

In transparency blend mode, in the material settings, better use Alpha Hashed, because the Z sort in Alpha blend mode may generate some bugs with others transparencies…