Eevee remove bloom from a specific lamp while keeping its lighting


I’ll would like to know if it’s possible in eevee to remove bloom from a specific lamp while keeping it’s lighting.

For example 1 light with bloom to give atmospheric and another no bloom (but only lighting).

I’ll have another question when I’ll made a render in Eevee I’ll have some banding in the gradient. How to avoid this?

Thank by advance for your help.

The might be other ways… but one way one way is not to use bloom at all but use different layers and Glaire node in the compoiting tab on the layer you want to bloom.

Thanks for the response,

I ll hope there is a way to disable bloom on some light.

Increase samples. Don’t use 8-bit compressed render formats like jpeg or mp4.

Also, Output Properties tab > Post Processing > Dither. You try 1.5 first and then 2. Values greater than 2 can be entered manually, but doing so can add too much noise to the image.

Thanks for the response,I’m going to try these options.

For the disable bloom on some light there is no solution? Perheaps in the 2.92 version?

Since Eevee is fast, render out in isolation. First pass with bloom with only the bloom light activated. Second pass without bloom with all the other lights activated but not the bloom one. Then add the images together in post. I don’t know if Eevee is accurate enough to do this, but rendering in isolation is a technique I use in Cycles occasionally.

Thanks for the tips.