Eevee render crashes

Hello there !

I’m having a big issue with Eevee : it doesn’t render my scene. Even worse, it doesn’t even start the render. I just have the grey grid, my task manager indicates that Blender is using up to 11 GB of RAM (I have 16 GB) and it crashes before one pixel has been rendered.

My scene is quite complex, with some modifiers here and there. Cycles doesn’t work either and crashes all the same.

Could you guys help me please ? I don’t know what to do !

seems to be a bug, start blender using the log cmd in the blender folder and after it crashes or finishes a render check out the log to see whats happening. Maybe its a sistem issue or a blender bug that should be reported

Thank you for your answer !
It finally worked once I applied all my modifiers. But if I come across this issue again, I’ll use your method :wink:

Thanks again !

Eevee is realtime render engine and use shader capability of your GPU. If complexity of your scene (or materials) is too high than your GPU shader capability, then not render or occurs render artifacts.

When we write a shader, we always consider this things, but in Blender, this is not too easy.

Heavy processes like SSS, or 4D Noise etc. may be too tire your GPU. Change your shader setup, and try again.