EEVEE render image plane?

I imported an image on a plane with addon
and it renders well in cycles

but when I render with EEVEE I get a mauve plane render
how can this be corrected so I can see the image in EEVEE ?

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It works fine for me.
If you’re working on a heavy scene try to isolate, render only the plane and see if it works.
I suspect it could be just a GPU not being enough powerful issue.

i’m only on CPU
but will continue testing

still strange that in latest 2.8 it appears mauve
the UV maps looks ok I will reload the image
anyway will make a new file and test it again

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well I don’t really have a GPU anymore
it is only CPU and it takes like 10 to 30 seconds to render EEVEE
which is way faster then on cycles LOL

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Probably you’re using a integrated GPU.
Again, EEVEE uses GPU, not CPU.

I know that in cycles I cannot make it work on GPU on my card now
it was recognise 2 years ago but not in latest build 2.79

for EEVEE don’t know
I doubt it can use my old simple card
but seem to work

how can you check if it use GPU of my card ?

Darn I hope it can continue to work for at least another year till I get a new PC

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EEVEE uses the card that outputs to the display.

I think I’ve scored enough points for the afterlife for today.