Eevee rendering issue, all objects are blurry and solid greys [SOLVED]

Cycles works fine, but this week I noticed anytime I try to render in eevee (viewport or F12 render) it gives me this weird image instead of how it’s supposed to look. Here’s a render from around a month ago:

Versus one today (exact same scene except volumetrics are turned off, you almost can’t see anything with them on):

Here’s what the rendered view in the viewport looks like:

When I rotate the view in rendered viewport it glitches out even more and looks really weird, like half of the messed up image rotates and some parts stay the same. I got new monitors yesterday but I don’t think that would be the issue. My graphics card is a Radeon RX 580 GTS 8GB and I haven’t had any issues with it in the past. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Solution: Revert most recent driver update

What drivers and Blender version are you using now? versus what versions a month ago?

Latest version of blender, I did update my drivers recently. Could that be the issue? I’ll try to revert them back to the older version

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UPDATE: That was the issue, I reverted the drivers and it works again, thank you so much!

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It would be helpful if you provided more detail for posterity: what drivers, and what versions of the same? What GPU is in your system, etc. So that the next guy who stumbles-upon this thread can definitely say, “that’s me!”