EEVEE Rendering - Missing Proper Reflections(?)

Hi. Hope you are all doing well. Normally I post in my sketchbook but thought this may be a better thread to seek help for my issues. (Well…actually I have a lot of those…but they’re unrelated to here. HA! Anyway…moving on.)

This is my first EEVEE exploration and am puzzled that I’m not getting proper reflections from a mirror disc I put underneath my lightsaber. I’m attaching 4 images to better show my issue. Is this something that anyone else has encountered? I’ve been nosing around in the forums to find answers but nothing seemed to directly address this…unless I missed something obvious. Apologies if this is a double-post of a similar issue elsewhere.

Check out the reflections underneath. It appears to truncate as the reflection wraps around to the opposite side. It’s like some sort of Fresnel effect that’s making my model disappear on the side wrapping away from the camera. It even appears as though the reflections themselves are partially transparent. I have back-face culling enabled for modeling but that shouldn’t affect a render.

Thoughts anyone? (And pardon the WIP. Still some items to tidy up before rendering finals.) Thanks for the help.

Eevee uses Screen Space Reflections. As you’ve seen it can only work with whats visible on screen. This isn’t caused by a bug or anything you’re doing wrong.


The transparency-like effect is there to avoid a harsh cutoff where the reflection fails.

One way of handling the issue is to increase thickness (Properties -> Render -> Screen Space Reflections -> Thickness), but this really just smears the existing reflection over the empty space.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I saw that earlier today when tweaking settings to see if I could better understand. It’s a weird deal in my opinion. Guess I wouldn’t mind a SSR fade-effect occurring but that’s not physically based. Hopefully this problem, at least I feel it’s one, will get addressed before the full release…especially if EEVEE is being touted as a live PBR engine that can be used for rendering along with Cycles. I understand getting 2.80 stable enough is a daunting project so I’m not complaining.

Can’t you add a reflection plane?

This is how SSR work, so it’s not a bug but a feature and it’s not planned to be improved . In your case you can add a light probe -> reflection plane , and it will make better reflections underneath the saber.
Cycles is slow but accurate , Eevee is more “DIY” and you have to use many cheats to get good results.

Is there such a specific thing as a reflection plane? If so I’m unaware of it. My renders already have a mirrored plane right underneath the lightsaber . . . which is where I first noticed this issue.

I do realize now that that’s how SSR works and understand that it’s not a bug, per se. However . . . IMO for EEVEE to even be considered a viable option as a PBR renderer then this is a problem. Again, not complaining but I’m realizing that EEVEE may not be the best option for my workflow. Too bad because I really like a lot of the stuff I’m seeing with it . . . but having improper reflections will drive me crazy. Can’t deal with that. HA!!

Thank you all for your feedback. It’s very helpful and enlightening. :nerd_face:

You know . . . I’ve never even really explored the light-probes. I just tested it and WOW . . . didn’t realize there was this option. Can’t fully test it now but will check with my original file as soon as possible. This could be exactly what I need. (I had just put a regular mirrored plane underneath and not a light-probe reflection plane.) Thanks again!

(This was a reply for CarlG.)

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Tested a bit more in detail and this is EXACTLY the fix! Thanks for sharing this. I’m embarrassed to say that for all my years of using Blender, and after they added the light-probes even, that I never realized their potential. Thanks again!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Had time to test this. Though I don’t fully understand how to use them yet, this is exactly what I needed. Will continue to research further but, for now, I’m very happy I have proper reflections again. Thank you everyone for your help! :sunglasses: