EEVEE Rendering Problem

I can view the materials and lights in view port… but when I render, I got this error. I think someone may know this error…



Pink usually indicates that some external files such as textures are missing. Since in viewport everything looks fine, there’s probably something hidden from the viewport but visible in the render which is missing a texture.

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but sometimes the render works well… or vise versa…

Looks like Blender can’t find an HDRI environment image

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But actually I am using a plug-in called “Physical Atmosphere” for environment

Strange… as far as I know there is only one im image texture associated with that addon - for the stars. Magenta does mean Blender can’t find an image texture. The fact that it tints your whole scene means it has to be something like an HDRI or perhaps something applied to a volumetric object.

If you uncheck Physical Atmosphere does it render OK? Are you using the latest version of the addon?