EEVEE Ring animation

Rendering with EEVEE has some advantages that I wanted to use. Speed with Bloom and Depth of field. Each frame took 13 seconds, and 1 hour total. I like the result.

I wanted to put my new gemstones refractive materials into action. I think sacrifying accuracy and some realism was worth it, EEVEE is doing a great job in many areas, the Bloom effect is particularly attractive for jewelry design and despite limitations, IT ROCKS!
Turn the volume up…


Hi. Eevee is not currently very stable for animation with very reflective materials if you use Screen Space Reflections. If you want to avoid strange flashes, you should try disabling Screen Space Reflections and instead use Probes (Reflection Cubemap mainly, irradiance volume and Reflection Plane). You do not forget Baking Indirect Lighting.

Unless you like the resulting effect with the flashes using Screen Space Reflections, but it does not seem very realistic to me the metal part flashing (diamonds could be).

Thanks for your comments.

Polished metal is a mirror, it totally reflects light. Flashes are very correct and real, and Eevee does that very well. There is nothing strange in the flashes, not in the metal, not in the gemstone.

There are unreal weird flares showing in the glossy reflections in the walls, but I really loved that, and that is why I did not use Probes. Eevee has an Overscan feature that works well and grabs reflections further, the only thing is that takes longer to render, so I did use it but with just a few percent.

The only weird and unreal affectations are under de ring on the sides and you need the be quite aware to notice, because the ring shows first and the reflections of the golden details at the bottom of the walls and other reflections can’t be rendered by Eevee, around the ring.