EEVEE Shadow Catcher

I was wondering if anybody had heard anything about Eevee getting a shadow catcher. I wanted to use it for some compositing and I did a search but I haven’t found any information about a shadow catcher. I have rendered out a transparency then rendered viewport with the objects hidden and just showing the Shadows but I would prefer to get them all in one rendering. Thanks everyone


It’s not a plan for Code Quest at the moment it seems, but will probably happen at some point. Agreed, would be great to have.

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Would you mind explaining how you hid objects from render but still showed their shadows? I’m also looking for a shadow catcher workaround for EEVEE.

Shadow-Catcher with Nodes

Along these lines something on my eevee wish list is a only shadow lamp, especially since shadow res is calculated by distance in eevee. Currently trying to add shadows to background elements and I’m running into problems. :frowning:

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Yes, the “shadow-only spotlight” is an extremely useful thing, and very much wanted.

After all, it is often shadow, much more than light, which defines the “three-dimensionality” of a shot. There are many times when you want to cleanly inject a shadow, without injecting light.

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Interesting node work quite complex sadly

Oh yes, Eevee urgently needs a shadow catcher as easy to click as in Cycles :hugs:

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