Eevee Size material not working

When i convert this simple node set up over to eevee the size node doesn’t work and converts the colour over to green with no Hue size changes.



Any ideas?

Eevee doesn’t support the particle info node.

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Good to know thanks.
Is there another ‘size’ or scale’ node function i can replace it with?

Currently it’s not possible. There’s no way for eevee to receive particle information.
You could instead make a number of spheres of different sizes and have the particle system pick from each of them randomly rather than having the particle system set particle scale.

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Im trying to figure out how to convert my old animations over to eevee.
Some are baked and sound driven like the one below.
If i use a baked sound attached to a size node which was linked some how to a colour node.
Im not sure.

It might be possible with Animation Nodes, but you’d need to completely recreate it.
I’m not sure why you’d bother though, it won’t look anywhere near as good in Eevee.

Im finding eevee to be 7-10 times faster for rendering. Things like the live volumetric’s are amazing.
Your right in a way that some of the eevee stuff doesn’t look as good or quite right to me. But i think thats a question of getting used to it and then making it work for my own style.