[Eevee] The best paint look compositing!

Hello there!
I’m trying to create a perfect 2D draw style compositing effect for Blender, but before, check this draw I just made (watercolor + promarker):

Look good, isn’t?

Fool! You fall in my trap ! You thought this was a draw, but it was me, Dio but it’s was a 3D model!
You can check it here:

Well, this is my actual work in progress for that wonderful node(s).
I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it in the right way, so if you want to help me spare spending money for drawing lessons, you welcome.
Here is the nodes used (in compositor):

Feel free to try and help me to improve it!

Oh! I almost forgot, there is also toon shader made using “shader to RGB” node and solidify modifier with black material pass for strokes…


The best place i know about learning to draw, is ctrl+paint. You can learn drawing I and drawing II for free. but you must pay to learn how to render with your stylus.

I’m very impressed with this style! :face_with_monocle:
I’m making an animation project Resilience Satelle | r.i.c.e and I’ve been searching for fresh looks for the renderings and your’s seems real nice!
Thank you very much for sharing the node setup!

Yo, I love this shader!! Was wondering if you could reupload the node setup, whether via .blend file, or via higher quality image, as the current one you have linked is a little bit hard to read. That aside, I love the look you were able to achieve, and thanks for sharing!!