Eevee : thin object is buggy when camera is far

Hello everyone !

Weird problem in eevee : in these two images, the only difference is that the camera is much further in the first one, which makes the (thin) solidify inside appear through the dress.

Since it doesn’t happen in cycles i’m guessing it’s another eevee limitation to add to the pile, but is there any workaround ?

Thanks you !

That looks almost like a z-fighting issue. How exactly do you have that dress set up?

Indeed, welcome to limits of computer finity. The further you are the less precision there is, the more such issues occur. Solve by widening the gap.
EEVEE is not as precise as one might think, so it’s better to consider modeling for rendering with it in the spirit of WYSIWYG. :wink:

In future get to know about floating-point arithmetic
Have fun

Thing is, he’s not so far away from his model that a random flake-out due to loss of rendering precision is an inevitability. There’s something else going on there that probably has a simple solution.

Well, I often had similar issues with EEVEE (arch. scenes made for cycles) and widening the gap or removing the mesh/polys behind/beneath are only workarounds I found.

In CGI, precision is only eye deep.

I’ve done solar system in real relative scale. Z fighting was not an issue. But shadows was. This was in a recursive raytracer 20 years ago, not relying on polygons but CSGs. Blender accuracy appears to be quite horrific compared to what I remember back then, but meanwhile in other more poly oriented software I’ve never touched those extremes. So I don’t know how Blender compares to Max, Maya, etc. And I don’t know if you have to do comps in Clarisse to do deep scenes.

The view clipping distances are really important, adjust the minimum clip to be as large as possible, and the maximum clip to be as small as possible.

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Thank you that was it, since it had a very far away background, the clipping of the camera was like 5000m, but I’ll just make two layers and I should be okay… Thanks again

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