Eevee: Viewport animation rendering via commandline?

I am using Linux…
I render tests of animations in the viewport via Eevee a lot. Its even faster than switching the render engine to Eevee and test render that via CTRL-F12.

Is it possible to viewport render an animation (Shift Alt F12) via commandline? This would be even faster (no viewport drawing) and would have the benefit, that the blender would stop afterwards running, which could be detected with a simple shell script and that script could shutdown/switch off the PC in the night…

How can I viewport render animation via the commandline?

Thanks a lot for any help in advance!


I am interested if you found a way to do it!?

Never tested but sound tricky, to do a viewport render Blender need to know which viewport (and it’s settings) it needs to render… You may better render with low settings by providing a python scripts to the command line with the -P argument.

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can you please give me an example of complete command line.


that would be something like :

blender -b file.blend -a -P

and for python script , it’s up to you to add stuff you need , some examples :

import bpy

eve  = bpy.context.scene.eevee
# eve.use_overscan            = True # means comment, that line won't work unless you get rid of the first #
# eve.soft_shadows            = True
eve.use_ssr                 = True
eve.use_ssr_halfres         = True
eve.use_gtao                = True
eve.taa_render_samples      = 16
eve.gtao_distance           = 1.0

The documentation about command line render :

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