Eevee viewport looks good but render looks terrible

Top image is the render / Bottom image is the viewport

The difference is mainly where I applied image textures, it looks warped and weird and I can’t find the cause of it.

Camera is in perspective. Adding insets on the faces where it’s looking weird it’s kind of solving it. I also played around with the auto-smooth which I had turned on. But still looking somewhat weird on render

The two pictures clearly show two different objects. As said the screenshot does not show the camera view.

Check if any (subdiv) modifiers have the same settings for viewport and render.

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I think it was a problem with auto-smooth, I deleted the base of the camera and started over using smoothing groups and it worked fine. Thank you for answering

Decals will usually go wonky with the subsurf modifier and you prob had a higher setting for render than viewport. I find adding an inset edge helps or some loop cuts - don’t know if that’s the best way but seems to help.