Eevee volumetric texture layering/order problems

Hi there all,
I’ve been working on an asset for a project and ended up using a tweaked version of this volumetric candle light. Though the file is a couple years old and made for cycles, it seemed to work just fine when I tried it with Eevee (aside from the fact that Eevee makes volumetrics look more pixilated but it’s not a huge deal to me and it’s probably just a setting.) Anyways, the real problem for me is when I try to put this in my scene. No matter how much I scale down the object or vary its placement, it always shows on top of other objects. I’ll include some rendered images along with what I think it should look like below, and thanks for reading/replying if you get the chance, though I’m sure I’m just making some amateur mistake.

This is the render:

This is how it looks without the volumetric object:

And this is an manual edit I did showing how I think it should look:

Oh and here’s another with it in the scene:

And the material (the same as the original with just a few colors tweaked):

This is the ‘Egg’ Node group:

That happened to me once and I had to switch to cycles to fix that.

Hey, @Percy7777! Take a look at this post and see if it gets you on the right track:

Hi there @Hunkadoodle, thanks for the reply. I’ve tried the solution brought up there, but sadly any end value of under 80 will cause the volumetric to no longer show up. Though this did lead me to be able to decrease the tile size, which was helpful, the volumetric will simply not show up for any value that might be helpful. I’ll keep trying different values, but so far nothing I’ve tried seems to work
Oh and at some angles it appears to do something, but it clips incorrectly too, and this only works at very specific close angles:

Yep, I’ve tried to stay using Eevee since the rest of my project uses it, but thanks for the tip, it does work in cycles though.

Not sure about Eevee, but I heard that in most real time renderers, volumetric is pixel shader based, not real volumetric. At least that is the case of Unreal Engine.

With some shader works we can isolate the fire to be smaller than the geometry that contains the volumetric data/material. If the geometry is bigger or cover that specific part of lighter, my assumtion is the volumetric pass is on top of the lighter in the GBuffer. Can you try to make the geometry smaller then?

Hello there nice work!

Just as what they said above,
You’d have to make use that the volume isn’t in front of the mesh its supposed to be behind.
It looks like the flame bigger than the metal part, so try scaling it down, either the object or in the shader.

The Start and End values is only about the clipping range of volumes around the camera