*eevee vs cycles comparison*

I thought i’d share this comparison here because more or less this a finished project;)
what do you guys think,which is best?
Blender 2.90

The colour looks better in cycles, reflections on the forehead are better, but there are some weird reflections on the side of the chin and hair in the cycles version. Especially the first image.

I do find that I have to tweak some values of secular and roughness in the two engines as they treat light in a totally different way. Also the lighting is working better in eevee due to the same problem, I presume they have the same values.

My guess is that you set up the materials and lighting in eevee, then rendered in both engines. If you were to set up the materials and lighting for cycles I am sure cycles would win. In general eevee images tend to be duller with less punch, worse shadowing and reflections.

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You are correct :wink::+1: