Eevee vs enscape

These days I have been testing 2 rendering engines whose greatest advantage is time (EEVEE, ENSCAPE) as I did with D5 render against EEVEE I can denote that their finish is very different but I think it is a matter of tastes which one gives a better render, since in certain samples ENSCAPE tends to saturate the colors a lot and EEVEE not in terms of metals I like the coating material much more, which is a basic configuration and I know that in EEVEE with a little more of nodes can achieve much better things but I did not want to get too much into the configurations of both programs, both can give better finishes if we go through an editing program but I do not apply it here.

Note: The model was downloaded from this link


The lighting looks great in ENSCAPE and wildly different from EEVEE on the bookcase/shelves.

Can you show the materials or lights for both??

The lighting and materials don’t appear to be the same between these at all? Looks like someone took the time to make ENSCAPE look good then told someone who has never used blender to make the EEVEE scene.

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I agree.

Thats why I was curious to see the setup, this is no fair x .vs y.

It honestly feels like an infomercial where the person keeps failing to do the most basic task and their solution is to sell you a product to fix it.