Eevee vs. Unity/Unreal

(Atair) #41

Since a year or so I see haxe in more and more places - and while i am intrigued by it, I don’t really understand its core idea / concept. It is platform and language agnostic and it looks like its able to be implemented into all kinds of systems / frameworks…

What is the catch? And what is the killer feature / concept it has?

(BluePrintRandom) #42

this could make things quite interesting.

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(SciFiMan65) #44

I would love to be able to use Blender with Unreal and Substance Painter. I thought that one of the things that Eevee was going to be used for is to help make content for third-party game engines and being able to see how it would look in the chosen game engine from Blender.

(kkar) #45

I almost thought that Haxe ( I actually did some side projects with it) was on life support (not necessarily, but as an analogy) because of competing platforms backed by big corporations but seeing that Armory totally gave new life to Haxe is great news.

Haxe just was not getting the enough recognition it deserved.

(kkar) #46

So you cant fork it? If you can’t fork it then it is not open source.


nope you can use Unreal on free software. Also keep in mind open source is not necessarily libre software (aka “free software [free as freedom]”). Unreal is actually not libre software just open source.