Eevee - Weybec Short (blender 2.8)

(draguu) #1

Eevee -
A tale of Flying octopus ,

Fun little short animation we made at weybec
Its totally rendered in blender2.8 eevee,

Hope you like it


(TobsFuhr) #2

simple and great

(Masoud-zamani) #3

My favorite type of animation! I really liked it, Good job!

(gradyp) #4

Very cute! Love it!

(Meshmonkey) #5

Sweet! I love it.

(draguu) #6

Thank you sooo much guys

(pisto) #7

Wonderful! I like the textures a lot!
Was Eevee stable enough?

(draguu) #8

Thank you man,… its not stable at the moment , we rendered it 11 times in a single day , and it was crashing a lot

(RONIN) #9

Been seeing this in other places.
Good job squeezing this out of Eevee.

(Enthymeme) #10

Hey this is awesome, loving the art direction. How did you get the characters to move? Did they finally add armatures back into eevee?