Eevee White Splotch Artifact

Hey all!

Firstly, I love Eevee for so many reasons. What an incredible thing to have.

However…lately I’ve been doing Eevee animations, and I’m constantly getting frames that have big bright white splotches in them. Bloom clamp didn’t fix this, so I turned off bloom completely. Someone said to turn off motion blur too, but I want the motion blur!

I’ve tried changing camera angle and lighting angle, and this helps sometimes, but who wants to micro-manage something that you shouldn’t have to?

I really hope this gets fixed, because I can’t animate with these in every shot. I love the fact that each frame renders in 1 second and looks great…but I may have to go cycles to get rid of this artifact.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

I think there was a fix for this in 2.93 alpha recently, fixing bright highlights occurring on reflective surfaces almost perpendicular to the camera.

That’s right, it was fixed last week. Download latest buildbot build

Hmmm. I recently did a test in 2.93 and 3.0, and, unfortunately, the white pixels are still there from time to time. Regardless, thanks for the comments!

If you still have the problem with current 2.93 beta and 3.0 downloaded from buildbot builds, you report the problem. You should share with developers a simple .blend file where the problem can be reproduced.