Eevee won't render my animation

I’ve been working on a project for school using the Eevee render engine. I rendered two scenes and everything went fine and acted as normal. Now, I’m trying to render one of the scenes again and render additional scenes and it isn’t working. I only added one extra asset and deleted lighting for the scene I’m redoing. Other than that there aren’t any major changes. I added other assets but they aren’t in the scene so, I hid them and they shouldn’t have an effect on the render. Everything is rendering much slower. When I try and play the final render, it says that the file isn’t playable. It has all of the same render settings as my finished scenes and they play just fine. I’ve been trying to solve this for a few days and nothing has worked. My project is due in a couple weeks so, any help I could get would be amazing.

"Don’t Panic!" (We’ve all been there. Relax.)

I think that, in order for any of us to help you, you need to start by posting your .blend file.

Having done this, tell us what you did and – one by one – exactly what each of the problems are.

(Also: never forget that your most-accessible helpful resources of all just might be … your instructor!) :slight_smile:

Here is the .blend file:!AgF62cjKzm_UgQ9U76u7om4m3dJ-

I have previously rendered frames 1 -348. It took about 1 minute per frame. I wasn’t happy with some small details so, I went back and fixed. I have not changed the render settings at all. All I did was change lighting and add the green trash can. I have tried rendering these frames again and there were several problems. It took well over 10 minutes to render a single frame. When the animation was complete, it said that the file wasn’t playable. All of the file settings are the same as the previous render and I haven’t had any problems with it. I have also tried rendering single images and very few have worked. I have also tried rendering other frames past 348 and they have the same problem. I have gone onto my past projects and they work just fine, as well. So, I know it isn’t just my computer lagging. I have tried deleting or hiding all of the objects outside of frame and it has the same problems.

I might be missing something, this may be a simple fix. I have never had a problem with rendering before now. I’ve been trying to render for a few days and have had no luck.