Eevee won't render my Particles

I initially started this animation in 2.79b.
I am able to see the particles animating in 2.80. And they do render with Cycles.
There are other objects in the scene that do render with Eevee.
I’m using a simple 4 sided object with plain white on it, not UVed, no texture.
With HDRI illumination.

What could it be?

Maybe - you know - attach a screenshot showing as much relevant information as you can.

Thanks for asking.
I’m illuminating the scene with an HDRI file mapped to an Empty sphere that surrounds where some future objects will be. It’s a trick from Dorian Z, this allows me to animate the rotation of the light. (4.8 MB)

The following are cropped renders:



Here your file works on a 2.8 build dated in 2019-03-06
This does not work in recent builds.
I’m not sure what has changed.
By the way, 2019-03-06 is the last official build that I have for testing previous to more recent builds. This does not mean that 2019-03-06 build is the last version in which the file works.

Thanks YAFU :slight_smile:
That’s great to know.
I’ll try to get that release

Maybe you should report the problem by sharing that same file whit devs. I do not know if it could be a problem because you started the work in 2.79, some new change in 2.8, or a bug.
The developers will tell us if it is our mistake or it is a bug.

I found the problem. If Emitter is configured as Wire for Viewport Display in Object tab, particles are not rendered. Please, report the problem with a simplified file like this:
Eevee_emitter as wire problem.blend (610.3 KB)

Nice job YAFU!
I also noticed that at site the existence of these Bug reports:

  1. T61695: Billboard particles not displaying in Eevee viewport, render

  2. T62091: Eevee Particles Shading [Attribute Color | Random | Index etc]

I’ll try to report my issue now

What are your system specs?

I think those reports are different problems, I guess.
Linux, GTX 960.

I will post the Bug report link here soon.
Should I include the distro you’re using, or just Linux will do?

And do you have the Hash number of your Blender? (from the Splash page)

Just report your system information. I will be following your report in case developers can not reproduce the problem.
From new 2.8 builds, from “Help” menu > “Report a Bug”, this will automatically collect information from your system, so when you login from the link that was opened, you will automatically have that data added to the report.

You do not worry too much and just make a simple report sharing those .blend files.

If you already reported, no problem. Otherwise, you could add your problem to this entry:

New Bug report:

Thanks YAFU :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. Now you add a comment in your entry mentioning that the problem could be related to these other reports:


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It is currently fixed:

This should be in this night buildbot builds.

That was fast!

Looking forward to see it