EEVEE wrong world light?

I got an EEEVEE scene with and HDRI for the world
but when I render it
it is too bright - washout !

I tried to reduce world light to 0.2 and still washout

is there another setting to reduce the world light ?

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Hard to say what is causing the washout without blend-file or screenshot.
The materials could be to bright? Bloom? Other lights? Settings color management? Compositing? And as far as I know, world-light or HDRI is not a good idea with EEVEE.

sorry cannot share file it is a project I work on
I can try to make a smaller file with minimum of details just enough to show effect

but first le me try some of the effect you mention

I will remove the world anyway don’t really need it as such.
will check other parameters
but I don’t have any composite effect in this scene anyway

I also remove AO and bloom !

be back later on

thanks for feedback
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here is example of render for a small part of my scene but still very brightish!

no AO , bloom , or world = black
and no light sources either

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looks like it is the background plane I have giving some problems

if I remove it background is totally black

and I tried to lower intensity but not working
will test some more

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looks like there is another light source !
but where and how to control it ?

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lights can’t make infinite background lighter so it’s not that.

what is that sqaure looking like shadow thing in the center?

If I were you I would create a new blend file and append each object to recreate the scene

darn got nothing in there and it is 18 Mbytes in size
not certain why EEVEE file is so big !

will try to re create another file

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did new file for EEVEE and it is now only 1.3 MB
and I can control light with a point light in scene

I guess file was corrupted somehow and also too fat !

I will try to reuse this new set file for EEVEE

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I paste my whole scene form 2.79 which is like 18 MB
to the new EEVEE file and I get 42 MB

is that normal ?

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