Effecient way to find reference images

I can’t believe I’m asking this question. It sounds so stupid.

I remember I used to be able to do an image search in Google, and in a new tab, I would be able to bring up the full rez version of that image. I would do that for all the ones I would consider saving, and then once they are loaded I would look through them. Either I’m mistaken, or google has changed so when you click an image it takes you to to the image site. I then have to find the image I’m looking for. this takes way too long. How do I do an image search, and in a new tab bring up the full image? Maybe there is a better site to use. (So far I find i’m better off doing this in deviantart)

But there are two buttons: Visit page and View image. In Opera browser middle click View image button and you have a new tab with that image.
Are you using Commodore 64 internet browser or older ?