Effect help

I’m trying to create an effect which I’m having a very hard time finding an example of because it’s hard to explain.

Basically, I want to make a scene look as though it’s lit by stripes of projected light where the stripes bend and stretch to show the contours of an object. I’m not sure if the effect would be better achieved with some kind of material set up on the objects, or some kind of manipulation of an actual light source

Any help is greatly appreciated

This is a first version with light projection in Cycles:

What you want to do here is to add any material to your objects and then project wave texture from the light (Point in this example) like so:

This is Node setup for lamp!

Second version, also Cycles. In this example we will project Texture Coordinates from another object (Sphere). This scene doesn’t use any Lamp.

Setup for Objects Material:

Sphere don’t need any material, I’ve added Noise Texture just to show rotation. You can hide Sphere after setting it correctly.

Ohh nice! That second option is looking very promising. Going to play around with it a bit. Will report back. Thanks!

Update: this did exactly what I wanted! I knew it had to be relatively simple, but I couldn’t figure it out to save my own life. Thank you so much!

Now to figure a way to cycle colors through the bands… any ideas how if this is even possible?

You need to explain it better or show some examples.

Sorry, what I meant was that I’m wondering if it’s possible to have different colors of stripes rather than one color at a time, and create a pulse type animation of color change through the stripes in order. In my experimenting I changed the colors on the color ramp from black and white to black and any other colors, and I think that’s going to be the way to do what I want, but I’m not sure if it’s the best way. I’m sorry for the poor explainations. I’m trying to recreate a kind of anxiety dream I had, and I can’t drecribe it well enough to find examples. I’m getting pretty close to the result I want with the setup you showed though