Effect like the Lightnins from Thunderfury - World of Warcraft

Whats your Idea of creating Effects like the Lightnings from the Sword Thunderfury from WOW in Blender.
Can you give me some Infos how i could do this or the Smoke Effect?

Thank you very much!

Maybe the best way is to make a few planes and align them as a cross/star. Maybe bend them a bit. Then unwrap them and draw the animation frames on a grid. Then animate the UV position so the planes get a different image on each frame. If this is to complicated I can make a small demo. :slight_smile:
Edit: Plus what @NiklasWerth says about the emissive and alpha :wink: Particles can be done to but might be less cheap.

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Iā€™d do it the same way they do it in WoW. A particle system with faces that face the camera and an emissive texture with alpha that looks like lightning.

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Here is a demo. Not the best textures but the idea is what counts :slight_smile: SwordLight.blend (771.1 KB)