Effect opposite of build?

I’m trying to create a simple fuze that will burn down and eventually cause some sort of explosion. I’ve gotten fairly comfortable with modeling in blender, but the animation aspect is proving more difficult. I’ve managed to model my fuze the way I want, but I need some sort of effect that will do the opposite of the build effect. Something that will make the animation appear that the fuze is burning away. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

play the build effect backwards using a time ipo


I’m not sure I can use that method since the fuze doesn’t actually move at all. There are no keyframes to set up a curve to reverse the animation. But then again, maybe I just don’t know how to do that properly. :wink: Is there a way to see the effect of the build in the ipo?

so you didn’t even try it?

the time ipo should affect EVERYTHING about the animation of an object. effects [including particles], materials, movement along a path, keyframes…


yeah, I did try it, but I must be missing something. how did you create that curve on the time channel? I followed the instructions on the link you sent before but couldn’t figure out how to create a curve for the time.

you sir, are a genius. thank you so much. finally found how to add a curve. very handy.