Effect: Spiral Whisp

Hey, just something i did a while ago, irc seemed to like it so i thought id share this easy trick for making a ‘whisp’ type effect that can be used in conjunction with particles for dust, dirt, sci-fi effects etc.

http://homepages.picknowl.com.au/leewj/Bas-ef.avi <-- small avi of the effect (~700k)

http://homepages.picknowl.com.au/leewj/BasEffect.ace <-- blend file (~20k) WinAce needed

hope its handy, though very simple many may know of it, just incase some missed out on the technique like myself until recently =)

WHoo :o That render looks awesome. Great stuff, really usefull for an evil or mystic render movie. Great, thanks, I really can use this. Do you have another great particles tests??? :smiley:

Nice effect Lee. Thanks for sharing.


great stuff!

wow looks cool, a bit like the stuff used in that scifi show farscape

Looks nice, take a look at ParticleIllusion if you like these effexts

this is great help for making cool dust, smoke effects.
I’ve wondered for so long how the lattcese worked and now I can practice with this great demo.
Thanx man!

Cool :slight_smile:

Thanx! Stefano

Been searching for a way to do that for ages, thanks a lot

I Like it, I like it a lot :smiley: :o


wow LohnC

Any chance of a blend file for us ‘ace’ deprived linux users? Pretty please.

:smiley: I really like this effect. This is exactly what I have been looking for in Blender. I am glad that you did this post. I don’t have ace so I reiterate greybeard’s plea, “Any chance of a blend file for us ‘ace’ deprived linux users? Pretty please.” or a tute.


I see everyone is really lazy, or really …uhh…something.

Anyway, get UnAce for linux at http://www.winace.com/ (it is linked from the main page.)

If you’re really lazy, you can grab a gzipped copy of the .blend here:


    -Phantom Phlux

glad it became useful to you guys! =D

also many thanks pphlux for posting those links, im sorry linux users had no idea ace didnt work for you guys =)

ps. JD-multi, i am not so experienced at particles, but if i find anything else cool ill be sure to share =)

pphlux Posted: Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:09 am Post subject: UnAce for linux


I see everyone is really lazy, or really …uhh…something. "

It is not a matter of being lazy, I really don’t want to add any more software to my computer. I hate adding and deleting programs that I use once every so often. Not to mention increasing the chances for viruses. I do thank you for taking the time in posting the links though.

Thanks again LohnC for your post.

hmm, I was just busy fidling with this technique and I stumbled upon a problem.
How do you insert vertexes in a latice, when I add a new lattice and go into editmode I can’t extrude or subdivide?

edit> nevermind, I found the keys to set the number of controlpoints.
I see a whole new world is opening itself right in front of my eyes :smiley:

the more i look at it. it looks like when the evil spirites for Final Fanatasy the Spirites within is eliminated at the end of the movie as the spirites rise up to space…

Heheh I posted my ‘starwars forcefield effect’ in general, which was basically the same setup, and got but ONE reply. sigh, I feel so underappreciated. :wink:

Hmmm, seems you wern’t the only one who missed out on this technique, i’ve played with particals heaps and never got any thing as pretty as that!!!

Thanks for sharing Lohn, you rock man!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!