Effective way of drawing edges dynamically (draw features for car sprites)

Hello, I would like to accomplish the following:

I would like to draw features of an object with edges. Edges, as opposed to faces which consist of 4 vertices as opposed to 1 for an effective angle, are much easier to manipulate than faces. Thus it is much easier to draw features on a face of say a car, with edges. The question arises, is it possible to dynamically color these edges?

The objective is to create template minimum-polygon models for various car types, sedan, sports and suv that are to be rendered as sprites at say 25x25 pixels. I am creating the base templates that consist of a minimum number of polygon for the basic car features so that further manipulation can transform these template models into diverse car models. The same can be done for virtually any type of model and I am presuming this type of template low-poly models are common. It would be much easier to manipulate edges/vertices for particular stroked features, like car doors, when the target render is low resolution, as opposed to creating inset faces.

I can think of the following potential dynamic workflows to solve this problem.

  1. Is it possible to dynamically assign color or material to edges at a particular stroke?
  2. Is there a modifier that creates “virtual” faces stroking/inseting/outseting/wrapseting an edge? Theses faces can then have materials assigned to them.

Of course I am aware that this can be accomplished with a UV map. However, the problem with that is that any change to the edges would require a recreation of the UV texture in the raster image program and as such this workflow does not dynamically react to changing the shape of the feature/edges.