Effects menu

I’m new around here, i mean i’ve just downloaded blender and have been trying for the last 5 hours to animate something, first on Win XP and afterwards on Ubuntu 7.10, but i couldn’t achieve nothing. This is happening mainly because i can’t find the effects menu that it should be on the second tab left to constraints in the Physics - Object menu(or at least that is what it shows in several tutorials). Could you please tell me how i can reach this effects menu…:frowning:


In newer versions of Blender (those tutorials are out of date), there is another subcontext, called Physics, with the little Flame/Particle icon. In there are all the particle effects and other physics simulation. Also, the build effect is now a modifier in the Modifier menu of Editing Context>Modifiers Panel.
Go here for some more up to date documentation. Scroll down to Effects and Physical Simulation:

To all,
I have been doing the tutorial on the the site and I founf myself in a pinch. I can’t seem to find the effect panel in the program! I tried everything from F7 to reloading the program and I can’t find the effects panel to continue! Can anyone give me some insight or tell me what I am doing wrong.

By the way, I stuck on the candle and flame tutorial. Once it says go to the effect panel and click on NEW EFFECT, that’s where i’m stuck.


as egan perfectly stated Effects panel no longer exists!!!
I guess that you’re looking for Particles?!
Do F7, press the Physics button ( red/yellow one in the bar) and press
New button in the Particles Panel ( with a mesh/object/emiter selected of course)