effects menu

hi all,

i have recently downloaded blender this week and have tried some tutorials but cannot get passed certain points. for example, the fire cracker one requires you to press F7 to get into the effects menu, but im on a mac and F7 is my rewind for iTunes. Regardless, i have tried looking for it everywhere myself as well as looking for something to help me on the blender webpage.

i am a PURE noob at this and have no experience working with 3D programs.


Welcome to BlenderArtists and to Blender!

F7 will change to the Object Buttons in the Buttons Window. So to bypass hitting F7 you can change to the Object buttons by clicking this icon in the buttons window:

I hope this helps.


F7 is this button here:-

…and welcome to blenderartists…

Awsome, but i still cannot find the effects menu or new effect button

I think you can only create a new effect if you have an object selected. The effect will then be aplied to that object.

I hope this helps you with your project :slight_smile: and btw can i have the link for the fire cracker tutorial as I am also new to blender and would be intrested to learn more about effects.

ok, ill make sure that i have an object selected before this time:)

here is the fireworks link -