Efficient method to model pane of broken glass?

I’m soon going to model a lot of panes of broken glass. In this picture, I’ve started out by creating the jagged edge. However, now I need to fill in the space between the edge and the outer square with faces. Is there an easier way of doing this than manually selecting three or four vertices at a time and creating faces, like I’ve been doing so far? Can I perhaps cut the whole jagged part out of the pane somehow?

Thanks for any advice.


You could add plane, subdivide several times, convert to tris, delete un wanted tris then push some vertices around to get un even jaggedness

you could add a plane, jaggify it around the edges, extrude it a bit and then add another plane, and ‘cut out’ the middle with a booleen operation with the first plane, then try to clean it up by removing triangles?

there is a script that can do that too

called crakme in pytho forum!

hope it helps


Thanks! Good ideas all! I will try them out.

i did not have time to play with that one
so if you find more about it
let us know how it is and show us some good pics

happy blendering