Efficient use of yafray

Currently my general method for fine tuning lighting, materials, etc. is to make adjustments and then do a test render. But usually I do a LOT of adjustments and a LOT of test rendering. With the Blender internal render engine this works just fine, since I can see all I need to see within 5 or 10 seconds of rendering. But with yafray it’s a completely different issue. I have to wait about a minute at a time. Clearly I need to establish a better work flow. There’s got to be a better method than cut and try. How would I work around this problem?

I hear your pain eagle man. I havent used Yafray much for those reasons as well.

Yeah, they should start a rally or fundraiser… for the cause.

Use crayons!
come on! YAFRAY is a different renderer than Blender it does things Blender does not (GI and Photons)and it takes time. 60 seconds is not a to long for a test that uses GI.
What are you trying to make? learn what materials and settings work with yafray to render “fast”.

Probably this thread will help you:



You should do the lightning setup with a simplified scene(use layers and disable some), without bumps, and for the texturing you can use, even if yafray is enabled, the new preview window (shiftP) .