Efficient way to select-move one vertex after the other in Edit mode?

Hi, I’m currently doing this in Edit mode:

  • C for circle selection,
  • select vertices,
  • ESC to exit circle selection,
  • G to move the vertices,
  • Alt-A to deselect the vertices,
  • Shift+MMB to move the view using the tablet pen,
  • repeat
    …too many key-acrobatics for a few vertices each time…

So is there a more efficient way to gradually select and move vertices?
And is there a way to move / rotate the view without having to exit vertex selection mode?

  • Select the Move tool from the tool panel.
  • Click on a vertex.
  • Drag either the white circle or the arrows to move it.
  • Click on the next vertex…

If the movement is the same for each, replace the move step with shift-R.

or if you really need to move the points one by one I would use the tweak mode



Awesome, thanks!

and if you want to keep the shape
select the point and then press G 2 times
then the point slides along the edges