Effing great spaceship, and bit of colour practice.

This was a bit of practice at trying to match up colours between a render and a background image which had completely different colours and feeling. I’ve been struggling to learn how to make best use of colour and contrast recently. Its really just a bit of a photoshop exercise.

The ship was my favortie test render from my last destroyer project.


Cool, I love this star destroyer.

But something about it puzzle me : How could you texture this monster?

lol your “color practice” is slowing my computer down soooo much trying to load it. Try something smaller when you do a test :stuck_out_tongue: but it looks great!

Is this done ^^ I want to see a perspective view

awesome, The bumps are awesome

Looks like you’ll need a new sig :smiley:

Idk how you’d do this, but I’d like to see it explode :smiley: I know I’m asking a lot… But… that would be aweosme :smiley: Very nice i likes it

did you use a greeble pack or is it mostly original textures?

There’s something mildly sickening about the amount of detail on this thing, especially if it’s not all discombobulated.

…but it’s not sickening enough to make me not like it; the lighting around the windows is really nice, as well as the general mood. Nice work. How about some closeups?

Yeah, I guess it would be great on perspective view. Wow, the background looks fantastic too. :smiley:

Wow MAN!!! You put some labor in it!! Its imazing…can you please share with me, what light set up do you use?
How and where did you get the texture from…drew it your self?
I cant criticise work like that. 5* from me

Yep, great job.
As already mentioned, a pespective would be very appreciated. I would add som spec on the shader. Try to get a more darker and less messy background to better evidenciate the model.


lots of great detail.

I nominate this for the “most accurate thread title” award!!

The background noise is somewhat distracting… maybe kick it down a notch? (or as Emile would say… uh… “poof”?)

(…see cause he usually says “BAM!” and i thought that would be funny…)


Looks extremely ultra hyper good. Awesome detail. The ship has a concept art kindof of look to it imo

gr8 work man! looks like u used a sperm whale for the concept!

Thanks guys for your kind responses, i decided to go back and see if i could rerender and include all of your suggestions. Extra bit of spec, proper perspective and a darker background, infact its a bit darker in general; a practice at the use of dark colour.
As my monitor is so bright this made things easier because i could see exactly what i was doing. I havent upgraded my blending PC in 4 years, and i have to say that using similar methods my render time has been cut in half, from 1 hour 20 to just 40 minutes. This was probably aided by adaptive QMC AO, i would have used AAO but sometimes it messes up on complex meshes.

Dunno how I missed that. That’s one seriously handsome ship!

Wow! Well done sir. That’s beautiful. Unfortunately, now you’ll have to change your signature. :smiley:

Effing AWESOME spaceship you should say! I wish I paid this much attention to detail! 5 stars!

Erm, i just caught your comment and i have to ask, erm, why? :eek::stuck_out_tongue: