Eggcup robot (Blender cookie contest)


I have create this eggcup robot for blender cookie contest.

I must to create cracks in the egg…

I await your comments

Haha now that is a cool robot! Does it cook the egg as well?

I would work on is the tea spoon more… it seems to be too bright , kind of like aluminium. everything else looks great :wink:


Thanks shaderbytes
With some corrections details
I have changed some details with the spoon bright

The last render with spoon bright


Sweat, breakfast serving bot! Imagine such thing walking onto your bed and bringing up the breakfast (kinda scary first view :)). Very good Idea!

Perfect , the adjustments to the spoon are spot on. Good job

lol orux and thank you

Thank you shaderbytes
I have add a towel with cloth simulation.

I will add in background coffee machine

Where can I find to buy one? Amazing work!

Bad towel form
This will be better

Bad towel form
This will be better

How can i erase the bad image ?

You can erase the bad image by editing your post and deleting the image in the same way that you would a word. But in order to remove it completely from the forum you will have to enter your user settings, at the bottom there is “attachments”. Only there can you permanently erase the picture.

Wow, looks great man. Can’t find anything wrong with it. Nice smoke effects.


Thank you Jon Smith. Next i will do better on this forum whith bad images.
Thank you patdngo.
I have add plate rack, cooking pot, espresso machine and reload the cloth simulation of the towel.
So new render of the eggcup robot


What a scene! You managed to capture the perfect moment. I can see the person being served. Textures, lighting, steam’s particle, DOF … everything is perfect.
It’s like the robot have prepared the breakfast, waiting for the person to wake up.

Cracking robot and scene. The only thing bugging me is the slight black outline around the bread slices and the glass cup they’re in.

that’s just awesome. fantastic stuff, and the detail in the environment really sets it apart.

Oh, and I’d like me one of those. :wink:

Work of a pro (Y)

Thank you all

@ JoolsMcFly
Effectively so i have change glass shader…
For bread slices i think this is a problem ID-Mask with DOF

I think this is the last render



Excellent job… now you should animate it :slight_smile:

Beautiful Render! I’m really impressed :slight_smile:

PS: Am I only one who’s missing coffee here? Or it shouldn’t be on a breakfast table? :smiley: ( Not a bad crit, just personal issue xD )

That is really an amazing image. The concept of the robot is really awesome. Bravo!!! You have made an excellent job. Hope you win.