Eggs Benedict

I have been feeling kinda stagnant with my art lately, so I decided to mix things up. I’ve never really experimented much with food rendering, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Let me know what you think, and please share any tips to improve the result.

Hi, I see a few things that could be improved: 1. The batter doesn’t stick to the spoon and the drops look a bit strange. It should be a layer all over the inside. 2. Your ham needs some beveling, a normal map and more glossiness.

I’ve never really done food myself, but the two things that come to mind are SSS and motion.
Food advertisements always feel like they are taken in the middle of a rapid motion. This scene, however, feels very static. Even the fluid is drooling straight down.
And then, play with subsurface scattering, and internal structure. Food is often translucent.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll look into those things!