Eggs in the Yard

Here is something that started as a practice with particles and Yafray and became something somewhat pleasing to look at (for me).
Blender 2.40 alpha 2
7 hours to render, so done.
With regards…


Yes, it’s actually a pretty nice image.

More like “Stones in the yard” though.

err, how did you get particles to render in yafray?

If you turn on static particles in the newest release of 2.40 alpha b or whatever it is, particles become renderable in Yafray. Very easy, but very, very, very slow.

Space.warp, you are right, they are like stone. Its strange when mind totally focuses on one thing (I always thought they were eggs), but now it is clear they are stone eggs, not real ones.

its a good scene - but i tihnk the lighting lets it down somewhat- it make it seem a bit colourless and flat :-?

good work otherwise tho

nice scene, maybe im wrong, but if you used that hair genarator on the blender website to make the grass instead of particles, maybe it would render faster. (But im not sure :wink: )