I tried to make some eggs to test the ambiant occlusion, comments are welcome.

Looks nice but:

  • The eggs needs a bit more spec
  • The egg container needs a “harder” look
  • The eggs are filled with liquid (or what it is) so it’s to small amount in the cruched egg.
  • The picture look a bit too disted

The yolk looks rather like liquid gold, than like it should:
Maybe this will help.

ya, it seems a little too reflective, but it deffinetly has the appearance of a liqued which in my opiniion is the hardest part

One thing: The container reminds a pillow. More “hardness”.

But it’s great picture. The eggs look eggs, rendering is nice. I like.

I really like this. Not incredibly photorealistic, but overall artistically pleasing. I think the egg shells need to be thicker. It’s good to see that you have actually modelled the inner softer white layer of the egg.

So, I have tried to make some changes based on some comments.
Add more spec on eggs, of course !
Part of egg contents is poured in the container and a part is still in the top of the egg, hope this will make the scene more realistic.
Not easy to give the container a “harder” look, I used the displacement texture without the expected result, any suggestion is welcome.
The top of the egg on the front needs still some work to give it a more realistic look, I will do that later.

Thanks for your comments

Very well done image. The materials look terrific, especially the clear yoke. You did a really good job modelling the eggshell, it looks very realistic. I like the broken eggshell in your first render better - the one without the clear egg yolk in it.

Be interested to hear about your light setup.


It’s already improved, but I still think the yolk should be darker. In any case it should reflect less (only the very bright parts)

apart from that, amazing work :slight_smile:
two thumbs up for you!

Great egg material, the cracks look great!

Nothing special, just sun light wich produces shadows and a spot light with a big angle to cover all the scene and buffshadow with soft set to 9. I think that AO is the answer.

Very great modeling, the broken egg shell looks so real.

To me the container looked good on both render. And the yolk color is ok (in general it ranges from clear yellow of orange, so… ), only it’s a bit too reflective I think.
Maybe there should be a darker part on the container where the white of the egg was spilled?
(ok, I’m nit-picking :wink: )

A very very good work… the egg shell is perfect!!! I think the clear yoke is too reflective (it has the same color that the container… I think it is reflecting the color of the container), try to do it less reflective and even less transparent to see the intersection with the yolk. You should see the white inner egg shell through the clear yoke.

amazing work enricoceric


brilliant :wink:

Very nice and very original scene.

Nice details!

So, this is the definitive version, I’ve spent to much time on this work, hope you like. I’ve changed the front shell egg, color of brown eggs, the yolk color and the container is a bit darker.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and advises.

Very nice, I like the cardboard texture and the great detailing on the eggs.